Maintenance Plans

Airco HVAC Electrical and Plumbing.

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The maintenance agreements below are only applicable to residential, single-family properties that are homeowner occupied. These plans cannot be purchased for any commercial building or equipment.

Option 1
BENEFITS PACKAGE: +10 monthly "Platinum"
Basic Repairs Covered, Unlimited Service Calls
Option 2
*Chemical Clean Condenser Coil W/ Customer Hose ($272 Value)
**Chemically Clean Drain Line ($321 Value, 1 Year Warranty Included)
Option 3
CLEAN AIR SERVICE: +5 monthly "Comfort"
****Supply Ductwork Sanitization ($249 Value)
Replace Condensate Pan Treatment ($39 Value)
Option 4
40+ Point Safety Inspection & Performance Test
**Blow Condensate Line (30 Day Warranty Included)
Treat Condensate Trap
Lubricate Any Applicable Motors & Moving Parts
15% Discount On Service Repairs
Priority Service
1 Free Service Call During Contract Period
No Minimum After-Hour Fees
MONTHLY INVESTMENT $30 $25 $20 $15

Terms and Conditions

Agreement Conditions

* 1) Coil Cleanings refer to cleaning of accessible areas of the condensing coil in place without removing any component not designed as a permanent service access, i.e., service door panel. Evaporator coils not included. Water is used to rinse coils. Outdoor coil must be within 25 ft. of a water hose faucet. Chemical cleanser included with the “Enhanced and Platinum” membership.

**2) Condensate Lines: Techniques used for clearing the condensation line vary according to the plan selected. The “Smart Start" and "Comfort Club” include preventative clearing of the condensate line by blowing through the line with compressed nitrogen on an annual basis. If your condensate line stops up within 30 days of clearing, there is no charge to blow through the line with compressed nitrogen. If required, the use of chemical clearing agent and cutting the line open or disassembly as required to achieve proper access to the line will be at an additional cost. Standard cost for this level of clearing is $321.00. The “Enhanced” and “Platinum Protection” service plans include an annual chemical cleaning and blow through. If your condensate line stops up within the term of your annual “Enhanced” or “Platinum” membership, there is no charge for a reservice. In some cases, a condensate line may not be reasonably cleared due to condition. If this is the case, AiRCO will notify you and provide a written proposal for replacing, re-routing or adding a condensate pump at an additional price. AiRCO is not responsible for condensate leaks or any damage caused by condensate leaks unless the system was installed and designed by AiRCO and the workmanship or design caused the leak.

***3) Each plan specifies a “Part Replacement” warranty. This refers to any part installed by AiRCO. Based upon the specific plan, you will receive a Part & Labor warranty on that specific component identified at the time of purchase and installation.

****4) Part replacements included with the "Platinum Benefits Package" include the following: universal 24V transformers, capacitors, contactors, single state pressure switches, universal flame sensors, small wiring repairs within the unit, basic single stage non-OEM thermostats and simple electronic refrigerant leak searches. The "Platinum Benefits Package" does not include ANY repair which is not listed on this agreement. Communicating systems, mini splits and any system used for any commercial use are not eligible for the "Platinum Benefits Package.” These repairs are limited to a maximum of 5 listed repairs per year. Note: More than one repair may be required per visit. "Platinum Benefits" require an initial one-time 10-day waiting period before activation.

*****5) Duct Sanitization can only be performed if current ductwork is reasonably clear of dirt and/or debris. The "Clean Air" service does not restore old ductwork or clean old ductwork that requires replacement. We do not guarantee or warranty mold or mildew. This is a preventative measure only.

Term Conditions


  • The term of this agreement shall be automatically renewable unless cancelled by either party within 30 days of written notice.
  • In the event of cancellation, all services and benefits rendered under this agreement shall equal payments received.
  • The services outlined in this agreement will be performed during normal working hours, 8-5, M-F.

By phone: (512) 537-1234 or by mail: AiRCO Mechanical, 1000 South IH 35, Round Rock, TX 78681

We will provide you written notification of any material changes to this Agreement 45 days in advance of the implementation of said changes. If we discontinue the Plan, our liability will be limited to completing any repairs or parts replacements underway at the time the Plan is discontinued.

  • Platinum Benefits Package: You may terminate the Platinum Benefits Agreement by providing us with 30 days prior written notice to the address set forth in “How to Contact Us” and you shall be obligated to pay us an early termination charge of $150.00. You agree that the early termination charge is not a penalty but a reasonable estimate of the damages to us.
  • Smart Start, Comfort Club, Enhanced Membership: For memberships paid monthly you may terminate the Smart Start, Comfort Club or Enhanced Membership Agreement by providing us with 30 days prior written notice to the address set forth in “How to Contact Us” and you shall be obligated to pay us an early termination charge of $100. You agree that the early termination charge is not a penalty but a reasonable estimate of the damages to us.
  • Notification of price increases will be sent by mail 45 days in advance of anniversary date for clients participating in the monthly program